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Barron Storey

APRIL 28, 2009
It was a great surprise this morning when I opened the NY Times to see a wonderful illustration by the legendary Barron Storey for an article about the tiny hominid referred to as a 'Hobbit' by the press. 


Barron is a remarkable artist.  He's an illustrator's illustrator, who's drawings and more specifically his sketchbooks are little bound museums.

On June 10th- July 31st, Barron is going to have a one man show at the Society of Illustrators...

From the website:

Life After Black: The Visual Journals of Barron Storey

Through good times and bad times illustrator, graphic novelist, and noted educator Barron Storey has recorded his life with the illustrations in his journals. By capturing subtleties in pictures and illustrating the impossible to illustrate, his thoughts and experiences come to life on these magnificent pages. The journals are an example and source for anyone interested in the delicate art of making pictures communicate and the illustrator’s process.
I can't wait to see this exhibition.

From Tim Bower, his former student:  http://barronstorey.blogspot.com/