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AUGUST 4, 2006
Castro...in better health
Vladamir Putin for Der Spiegel
I have a bit of a reputation for being fast. Many years of Spotlight illustrations for Ken Smith at Time and covers for Arthur Hochstein and Joe Zeff (now a kick ass illustrator) forced me to find quick ways to make an illustration. Boards prepared beforehand, pencils sharpened, gouache, colored pencil, airbrush and oil paint all are part of the process now. This summer has been filled with last minute assignments. The cool thing for me is that in all cases art directors did not ask for a sketch and just let me go to finish. Here are two illustrations. Putin was done in 24 hours and Castro in 2 days. In a related topic, Mel Gibson may have cost me $350. I had a portrait of him in place for next year's Workbook spread. Mel's Meltdown (I'm copywriting that!) meant a quick scramble to replace the portrait, AND an added fee. Thanks alot!