Captain Nemo, Nautilus

MAY 2, 2013
Nautilus is a marine organism, Captain Nemo's submarine, as well as an exciting online magazine launched this week, dedicated to science, philosophy AND committed to illustrations! Check out the cool articles and art on their site: http://nautil.us/
The image above is for an article written by Linda Zeldovich. It's about the power of a great book. In this case, how the infamous science fiction "20,000 leagues under the sea" has influenced the young minds of its readers and eventually shaped their career choices. So I came up with the idea of a child following the adventure of Captain Nemo in his/her transcendental bedroom.
It was a great honor to be part of the preview issue along side with great artists such as Gerard Dubois, John Hendrix, Andrew Zbihlyj, Matt Stevens and Daniel Hertzberg. Big thanks to AD Len Small! 
One of the most often asked question from student is "Now that print is dying,  how do you see the future of illustration?" I don't know if print is actually dying but I think Nautilus provides a perfect (and relieving) example on how there will always be a need for good illustration, despite the change of media. Over the past thousands of years, illustrations have been presented on cave walls, parchment, tapestries, fresco, canvas and paper. I don't see why it won't make the transition to digital and interactive platforms.   
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