A Window or Small Box

JUNE 12, 2013

This illustration accompanies short story ” A Window or Small Box” by Jedediah Berry for Tor.com. This fun, trippy and weird novelette is about a couple about to get married who find themselves on the run from “goons” in a magical alternative United States. I really enjoyed the magical quality, colorful visuals and the layers of riddles in the story, which inspired this particular piece. 

Ink drawing

And if it's not obvious enough, I was also paying tribute to the one and the only Escher. 

( I was re-listening to my favorite book LOTR while inking this piece, so the pattern went a bit crazy! )

You can read the story here

Big thanks to AD Irene Gallo, always a pleasure. I find my best works are often for clients who trust me and let me go wild.


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