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Illustration you can bring home to Mother

DECEMBER 14, 2009
Hot off the press - the Jan/Feb issue of Mother Jones, in which I set about to raise the general tone of the magazine with the inclusion of these spot illustrations, for an article entitled 'You, Only Better'

The subtitle says it all: 'The relentless, vain, illegal and creepily high-tech pursuit of perfection.'

Lots of little factoids about cosmetic surgery, steroids, transhuminists, mechanical exoskeletons, designer babies, Viagra and other "enhancements".

you may have already guessed  - familiar as you are with her entire ouevre - that the first illustration is for a piece on stripper Chesty Love who sued the IRS to deduct the cost of implants to her 56FF 'stage props' (as the judge - ruling in her favor - declared them)

The second piece is my graphic re-enactment of the watershed moment in 1983 when a presenter demonstrated the effectiveness of his new impotence treatment  to the crowd at a urology convention. The rest is erectile disfunction history....