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The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies November 10 Once hosted here at Drawger, Lou Brooks (with a bit of help from me doing some weekend and after-hours programming)... NatGeo Interactive April 20 Got sleep? National Geographic gave us the call recently to program an online survey based on just that question.... 10 Things I Wonder About Illustration Marketing for 2010 December 29 1. I wonder if source books work any more. 2. I wonder if direct mail works any more. 3. I wonder what... Publishing for Profit 2.0 May 2 We've all read a lot of hang-wringing editorials about the demise of print and been equally subjected to the... Ba Ba Ha Ha is back! November 18 In 1996, Harper Collins published a little board book that I did for babies and toddlers called Ba Ba Ha Ha. One year... Anywhere USA January 17 A couple of years back, my daughter Lila got the idea that she needed to take a semester out of high school to work... RubberNeckers 3 December 8 The truth of matter is that since an encounter between my right wrist and an icy manhole cover in 2001, I haven't been... Weebles Wobble October 1 It's a lazy sunday down South and on such days, us Southerners are apt to ponder universal truths. After some porch... Flux Mix September 26 Flux Mix is a collaboration between myself, the artist Kevin Hogan and my friend Chad Pry. The basics of the Flux... 100 Drawings and National Security August 14 100 drawings (count em) had to go to final art in about 6 days, here. The sketches were laying around for weeks. Great... Kuba inspired logo June 8 When a recent job came in to do a logo for a NYC recording studio, I thought back (for one reason or another) to how... My Fifty-five CD thing June 5 Occassionally a friend talks me into doing their band's CD design. This one for the wonderful Joti Marra, and her band,... Paid in Steadman May 20 The first real job I ever did for a real magazine was in 1978 for Mother Jones Magazine. I was living in Oakland at the... Mothers Day Anniversary with Choking Victim May 14 Choking VictimMothers Day Recording, 1989at CBGB's, NYCBand members: myself, Mark Matcho, Mike Bartalos and Peter... Big Move Done April 28 New house! Move accomplished!Very cool to see some new faces here. I guess there were no major bombs while I was... Big Move April 23 I won't be around for at least a few days because I bought a house and now I need to move into it.I've moved many times... Gone March 4 I'll be gone for a week for my annual birthday escape - just to let all here know that there's no one watching the... Evidence of Extreme Boredom February 11 As further proof of my decline into senality, I have posted my first image gallery, Designs for Better Mobile... Old Blocks Are Cool February 9 Maybe it's just me, but these old blocks inspire me. I don't know what they inspire me to do beyond just look at them,...
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