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Drawger Annual 2016 December 30 Thanks to everyone who believes in this odd place called Drawger. It's somewhat remarkable that we've been... My 2012 Drawger Picks December 30 Year-end thanks to everyone! I rarely post or comment here, but I'm always lurking at the edges and... The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies November 10 Once hosted here at Drawger, Lou Brooks (with a bit of help from me doing some weekend and after-hours programming)... Working Surfaces Up Close September 4 I LOVE work surfaces (where the mysterious magic happens) and was lucky enough to snap a few during a recent trip to... Nancy Stahl Studio Glimpse August 27 Nancy Stahl invited me to visit her home and studio during a recent trip to New York. I asked if I could take a few... Bite Sized Snack February 8 Snacks served daily at 10:30am (EST).   FAS - George Giusti Lesson January 30 I was on the phone with Enos yesterday and we were chatting about his days at the Famous Artists School. The talk... Christmas Wish List December 3 Dear Santa, most things that I actually WANT, I can't have. But isn't that what Christmas is all about ...... Ohger - For Students November 2   Did this finally after many stops and starts: Ohger, a site for students and recent grads in... Publishers Picks 2008 at Drawger December 3 In which the unlikely publisher of Drawger points out some personal favorites from the year 2008 in no particular... All the Art That's Fit to Print November 3  In 2004, Jesse Sunnenblick interviewed Jerelle Kraus for The Columbia Journalism Review. When I read the article,... The illoz Angels September 3 Meet the illoz Angels!This is a team of 8, 9 and 10 year olds playing this fall in Western North Carolina, corporate... illoz mousepads shipping out May 29 The official illoz mousepads designed by Mr. Gary Taxali are on the docks and ready for first shipment tomorrow! These... MAGS Talk May 7 The illoz and Drawger crews got lots of well-deserved props in my talk to the Magazine Association of the Southeast... Marc Art Mine April 19 Yesterday by FedEx - a reMarcable treat arrived. A signed and numbered print by Marc Burckhardt, of Robert Johnson -... Anita Kunz Interview April 16 Anita Kunz was kind enough to do an interview with me over at illoz, just published today. I explored some of the... Anywhere USA January 17 A couple of years back, my daughter Lila got the idea that she needed to take a semester out of high school to work... illogator December 11 I'm very pleased and proud to release illogator.com for the perusal and pleasure of the illustration collecting... Pratt Bound December 31 My daughter, Lila just received her acceptance letter to Pratt. She'll be entering the creative writing program there... My Mayforth! December 8 Just arrived by UPS. First seen here The Original Google? September 7 It's still seems a bit unclear whether Billy DeBeck created the word "Google" with his remarkable strip Barney Google,... The Plankton August 27 I've been coaching youth baseball for about eleven years. The past two seasons, I've done things a bit... JD King and the Coachmen - American Mercury August 4 The eclectic beat soundscapes of JD King and the Coachmen, American Mercury CD arrived unexpectedly by post recently.... Garage Band July 31 Probably not suitable for Drawger and more in my own peculiar personal world, but I need to send some props to the kids... Frazier's 98 July 29 Late tag-on to theLeo Espinoso note on Craig Frazier's 98 sketch book. Just received an imprint of 98 today in the... The Gourd Lady - Margaret Sparkman June 30 I try to visit Margaret Sparkman once a year to buy her fabulous painted gourds. She just turned 90 and I missed her... Major props for Chronicle Books March 25 Just finished my third game project with Chronicle Books and I want to send a shout out: These people are the best.... Russell Tate - Wuz Up? February 15 Russell Tate - just click on something soon and figure it out.via Drawn.ca. . . . .
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