Douglas Fraser
I've been by this Totem many times. In the summer people are stopped and photographing it, or having a roadside break from their travels. The front tells a story that must end up on thousands of cameras & phones from all over the world, but the back tells another version. From a roadside stop on Vancouver Island. A stretch of highway know as 'The Malahat', or 'The Hat', it's part of BC Highway 1. The Totem is carved from cedar, it sits along a ribbon of asphalt, and concrete barriers, with scenic beauty on either side.
Thumbnail sketch & base sketch

Totem - oils on linen - 36 x 22 inches

Promotional Poster art;
For the Arena Stage's production of King Hedley II, the powerful ninth installment of Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson’s “Century Cycle,” a scarred and haunted ex-convict has the chance to lock away his past and achieve an entrepreneurial dream, but will life in Pittsburgh’s unforgiving Hill District let him?
Art Director - Nicky Lindeman
Arena Stage, Washington, DC - 2014-15 season
Written by August Wilson
Directed by Timothy Douglas
February 6 - March 8, 2015

Sketch Stages

Construction of final art.

King Hedley II

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