Bill Mayer
Should One Size Fit all Managers? For CIO Magazine

 I have been playing around lately with some simple digital illustrations, and where better to try one out than on one of the illustrations for the fabulous SooJin. Always so many directions where these things can go... Thumbnailing ideas always one of my favorite thing to do.
From the dozens of ideas, the one clear concept seem to be the "Ships." It was tricky trying to size them without making one look inferior to the other. Showing that both had attributes that work in different ways... Seems like it always falls back to the very first idea...

I explored the composition, trying to find the one that felt right. When I got into the final, I decided to make the size between them more exaggerated...

The end result turned out simple, but I thought very elegant.
Always a pleasure working with SooJin Buzelli with one of these illustrations for CIO...

Beautiful type and layout from SooJin, Always makes the art look even better.

New York Times, Disney Cover Story

 Not a huge story behind this one, no piles of thumbnails to wade though. Minh called with a great idea.
They've tapped Thomas Staggs as the next CEO, or "Heir of the Disney throne", so a throne made of Disney characters (and related acquisitions) would be a perfect fit.
I did a quick little comp and started painting. We were all pretty happy to see it in the paper yesterday... Much thanks to Minh Uong and the folks at the Times for sending this one my way.

Full Story Here
Simple Ideas Simple Colors
Trying out some new illustrations, limited color palettes and concepts. Simple, thoughtful, conceptual... Blue is a color I don't usually use a lot but am liking more and more.... Always trying new things.. these were some nice surprises... I think I might try a few more...

I just did this really fun project with Mother Jones's art director Carolyn Perot. She had seen an earlier piece I had done for Yankee Magazine on the Green Eyed Flies and one of my alternates was the original inspiration for this illustration.

I wanted to create a kind of bigger than life, War-of-the-Worlds kind of invasion of the beetles.... I did a few thumbanils but decided to comp up the two directions I felt strongly about... Thumbnails # 1 and #2.
I knew this was certainly overkill for a sketch but wanted to push this in a direction I wanted.
Liking both directions was not a bad place to be.
Carolyn did this Killer design, flopping my original design. I love this layout so much. A little sorry some of the creepy fog was getting lost, but the layout is so strong I really don't mind.  Brilliant Carolyn!

Much thanks to Mother Jones and Carolyn Perot for such a fun project...

Full Story Here
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