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APRIL 29, 2010
THE DEATH OF FROGS PART 2 Naturally © Bill Mayer 2010
Unfortunately, we had a long time until the final art was due so that leaves a lot of time to rethink what your doing. Jim suggested if I had time his second favorite was the Heron with the frog on his nose... I had an Idea to do some really loose painting a limited palette of colors. Not another airbrush Photo-shopped piece. So I played around with doing these really loose brush drawings. The paper was not getting me anywhere so I tried painting on a glass. A really nice experiment with some great surprises..
Here is one of the Herons blown up, you can see the great detail and looseness. I thought it would be funnier to put the frog in his mouth...
Two color version of the heron with the frog legs hanging out of his chops.
Then I tried this funnier version.I just thought this was funnier with the frog escaping...I know this one makes me laugh too....
Then I tried a more unexpected version with the Heron coming down instead of the normal way, I added some dark rough spatters (spatters make anything better) around the edges. I knew as soon as I did it, this was my favorite one. And turns out it was Jim's favorite too. So this year as it turns out I may have two Dellas Graphics Frogs. © Bill Mayer 2010
This little experiment I think may have found another style to play around with and maybe with some conceptual direction , may have some strong maketable potential.  We'll see...
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