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Jonathan Franzen

OCTOBER 10, 2011
Couple of days ago I've received copies of the illustrated book I had just finished a week before, Vivre à Deux, the french translation of Jonathan Franzen's short story, Two's company, previously published in The New-Yorker.
With publisher Antoine Tanguay at Alto we agreed since the beginning that the design of the pages needed to be simple. The art direction was pretty simple, in resume it was something like, «have fun in two colors».
I admit I do not work in two colors pretty often in my «regular» assignments, although this is pretty much the way I work when doing my sketches. So for that reason, I decided to go the same way for this book, just a bit more precise and less rough than my sketches. 
Some spreads
It was really fun to work this way for once, and off course, working on a book written by Franzen was the cherry on the sundae.
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