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Memorial Day

MAY 31, 2010
For more than a year now, I've been illustrating editor Nancy Gibbs essay in Time magazine, with art director Patricia Hwang first, and now Andrée Kahlmorgan.
More than the short deadlines, the real challenge is trying every two weeks to do justice to Nancy's rich and versatile texts with such a small image, something around 2,5" square.
It is only the second time I have the chance to work for a column on a regular basis. The first time was three years ago, also an essay column, in L'Actualité, a news magazine in Montréal, art directed by Jocelyne Fournel.
Jocelyne also gave me my first job as an illustrator back in 91 when I was painting in on huge packing cardboard and when my portfolio had to be garbage bags so my images could fit in.
Through the years, Jocelyne has always supported illustration and every single Quebec illustrator, and here in Montreal, we all owe her a lot.
Thanks to this first regular column, I've been able to handle Time essay with more confidence. Below are some of the images done along the year.
I hope I'll be lucky enough to keep trying for awhile.

Easing into death
I let you guess...
Children cost
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