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New Book

JANUARY 7, 2013
Here are some advanced images from my new book that will be out soon, called «Révélations photographiques», written by Louise Bombardier, with whom I've already worked on a previous book, «Petits Fantômes mélancoliques». 
The text is cut in 16 little stories, each of them being about a photo shooting session, à la 19th century, and mostly about the characters being photographed and their trauma.
I've been pretty free to work as I wanted on this project; it seems Louise and I are on a same tracks when it comes to ambiance, and «funny» stories.
The book will be published in Canada by Les éditions du Passage pretty soon, as a small art book.
Here are some images from our first collaboration, back in 2007.
Each text was based on Balthus painting from which Louise was crafting a story.
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