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On Rejected Sketches

FEBRUARY 18, 2006
"Er, we won't be needing this one, thanks."
I never know why clients pick certain ideas over others. Sometimes they pass up some decent ones, though.

I always like to imagine that someday I'll arrive at the point where I can just dash off some e-mail that says, "Gentlemen: here is the sketch I'll be doing", and then I can fly to Bratislava or perhaps Contiki, have a spot of tea and write my memoirs, or stroll around in a smoking jacket and an ascot; aquire a collection of fine wristwatches.

In the meantime though, sometimes I'll pull one of the also-rans off the assembly line, set it aside and say, "I'm gonna do this one anyway, just for the hell of it", although I never actually do.
For the record, a more high-falutin Flash version of this sentiment can be found on my site, with the understanding that I'm defining "site" as a loosely-related framework of mostly non-functioning pages.