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Friend of a Friend

MAY 28, 2014

I heard Bob Newman speak at the Society of Illustrators last year as he accepted a special award for his great art direction at a number of major publications. Though I never met him, I felt that  he was a special kind of person and a of course I already knew he was a real friend of our industry. I also knew he was recovering from a terrible accident and had accumulated massive medical expenses. It could happen to any of us.
When I heard that there was a benefit auction to try to raise some funds to offset some of these expenses, I asked to donate a painting in the hope that in some small way it might help him out. There are over sixty illustrators participating in the auction, and a LOT of great work that can be purchased. Please consider going to this site and bidding on some of this work, to help out a friend of all of us.
There is a party tonight at the society of illustrators - special Giclee prints of the work donated by Philip Burke, Tim O'Brien,  Steve Brodner, Drew Friedman ,Ross MacDonald and myself will be available as door prizes. If you are in NYC , please consider attending!
My donation- Keith Richards, oil on paper 10 x 10 inches

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