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Tennis Heaven

AUGUST 29, 2008
Up-close watching Serena
Last night my college roommate invited me to join her in the President's box (that's the USTA president, not the White House, but almost) at the US Open.
Inside Nirvana... that's my friend, Sue standing in front of the biggest, bluest hydrangeas I ever saw.
You wouldn't believe the size of this place. There is a huge dining room upstairs (lower right), fully staffed bar (going clockwise), view out the glass door and one person inside watching Serena on the flat-screen.

The second match was Rafael Nadal playing a qualifier. The score would make you believe Nadal steamrolled the poor guy, but he was a feisty player and had a 3-0 lead in the third set and a great attitude in the post-game interview. One of the best things about being there was not having to suffer through all the commentary on tv.
Now to me, a sports stadium should be all about hot dogs and Cracker Jacks and everyone being able to sit down close, but it sure was nice to see how the other half (actually that's more like top 5%) live. De Luxe...!!
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