Edel Rodriguez
Obsessions show at NY Times
I'm showing a lot of drawings from my sketchbooks at this show put together by Leanne Shapton, Nicholas Blechman and Kim Bost.   Opening is this Thursday, July 16, 7-9pm, NY Times Building.  Please RSVP:


Peter Arkle, Karen Barbour, George Bates, Nicholas Blechman, Blex Bolex, Loren Capelli, Josh Cochran, Matt Dorfman, Sara Fanelli, Nicholas Gazin, Steven Guarnaccia, Eric Hanson, John Hendrix, Matthew Hollister, Emma Houlston, Erik T. Johnson, Nora Krug, Pascal Lemaitre, Jason Logan, Ted McGrath, Rick Meyerowitz, Chris Silas Neal, Kate O'Connor, Mike Perry, Leif Parsons, Alain Pilon, Emilano Ponzi, Jason Polan, Brian Rea, Edel Rodriguez, Jonathon Rosen, Leanne Shapton, Seth, Shoboshobo, Rachel Solomon, Tamara Shopsin, Ward Schumaker, Holly Stevenson, Jillian Tamaki, Mark Todd, Aude Van Ryn, Andrea Ventura, Henning Wagenbreth, Esther Pearl Watson, Jeremy Zilar

Thursday July 16, 2009, 7:00-9:00 PM
The New York Times, 620 8th Avenue, 7th FL

Some of my drawings in the exhibit.
Show at Giant Robot
This is a small piece for a big show at GRNY.   The show will open next Saturday, July 18th.  The full list of artists is here


Dime Bag 3 is the ninth in an ongoing series of events by Isip and Stevens, bringing together over 200 artists from New York City and beyond representing an extraordinary variety of disciplines. Painters, illustrators, graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers, product designers, and others have been invited to create artworks specifically designed to be exhibited in 3-inch plastic bags: dime bags. Each artist was sent one of the symbolic baggies and asked to fill it in any way they wished.
"15", pencil and gouache on chipboard.
Toronto Gallery Show
Thanks to everyone that came out to the opening of my show in Toronto.  For those that couldn't make it, scroll down to see the work and photos from the exhibit.  Please e-mail or call the gallery about availability of the work, sizes, medium, etc., thanks:
Lonsdale Gallery 410 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON  Canada M5P 2W2,  tel: (416) 487-8733
e-mail:,  Gallery director:  Alejandro Cardona
Please click HERE for an online review of the exhibit.  The work will also be part of the Toronto International Art Fair from October 2-6.
Show at Lonsdale Gallery in Toronto, Opening this Saturday, August 16th, 1-4pm
I'm part of a two person show in Toronto from August 16th to September 7th at Lonsdale Gallery.    I'll be showing all of the drawings and paintings done for Toronto's Soulpepper Theatre, along with many of my Cuba drawings.  A total of 50 works.
I'll be up in Toronto for the opening, please drop by on Saturday, August, 16th, 1-4pm, if you're in the city.  Some of the works in the show are below.  A number of the Cuba drawings were part of TIME magazine's feature here.  This is the first time they will be for sale.

Please contact the gallery for pricing and availability:

Lonsdale Gallery
410 Spadina Road
Toronto, Ontario
tel:  (416) 487-9604
'As You Like It', Acrylic and ink on bark paper, 15" x 15"
'Night Mother', Acrylic and ink on bark paper, 15" x 15"
'Way of the World', Acrylic and ink on bark paper, 15" x 15"
'Ring Around the Moon', Acrylic on bark paper, 15" x 15"
'As You Like It #2', Pencil, charcoal, and acrylic on paper, 15" x 15"
'Salt-Water Moon #2', Pencil, charcoal, and pastel on paper, 15" x 15"
'Baile #1', Ink on paper, 9" x 10"
'Sangre', Pastel, ink, and acrylic on paper, 11" x 18"
'Gallina', pastel and ink on paper, 11" x 7"
'Mujer', Ink on vellum, 11" x 14"
'Cementerio', pastel and ink on paper, 9" x 12"
'En Nosotros Está la Victoria', Pastel, colored pencil, and ink on paper, 11" x 9"
'Puerco', Pastel and ink on paper, 13" x 10"
'El Transporte', Acrylic on paper, 18" x 14"
'Baile #2', Ink on paper, 8" x 14"
'Downright' show pics
When the server crash thing happened I was uploading some of these pics of the opening at PEP Gallery last week.  It was a great show, nice variety of work, reflective of what's being done out there.  Jashar did a good job of putting it all together. 
Just wanted to show you guys some of the pics.  Nice small gallery, fairly new to the area.  The folks that run it were very enthusiastic about the artists in the show, drop by if you're in the area.  It was also fun to see how my old Pratt neighborhood had changed, I hadn't been back in a while. 
The close up images are of one of Chang Park's portrait paintings and Sam Weber's ink drawings. Both were terrific.
Work in a show in Brooklyn
"La Gallina", 30" x 40", Acrylic and polymer paint on canvas.
This is a recent painting that will be in a show at PEP gallery in Brooklyn.  The opening is on Friday, Oct. 5th 6-8pm.  If you're in the area, please drop by. 
Gallery information and a list of the artists in the show are below.  Thanks to Jashar Awan for putting the show together.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work.
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