Edel Rodriguez

These are some sculptures I've worked on this year, they were shown in exhibits in L.A. and Dallas.   I thought I'd show some of the process of how they come together.  Ideas for sculptures happen in a number of different ways for me.   Sometimes I jot down a quick thought and work out the composition as I start building, other times the sculptures happen when I start putting the pieces together on site.   Below are some of the quick sketches and the final sculptures which give an idea of how things change along the way.
"Cubitos", sugar cubes, plaster, cigar box, ribbon, 9" x 10"

"The Glory", wood, thorns, ribbon, baseball, 10" x 74" x 2"

"Still Life", cotton, coconut, wood, thorns, 6" x 10"

"Toro", hand-carved, painted tree limbs, cigar box, 13" x 12" x 2"

"Trap", mixed media, 7" x 10" x 48"

"Coupling", wood, acrylic, leather, 3" x 30", x 3"

"Reject", mixed media, 86" x 70" x 10"

Works on paper

This is a series of recent paintings that I've shown in galleries.  They're acrylic and ink on bark paper, all are about 16" x 23". 
Please contact Scott Kaserman at 4th Wall Gallery with any inquiries:   214-740-9400
"The Glory"




Cigar Box Paintings
This is a series of recent paintings that I've shown in galleries this Spring.  I've been working with cigar boxes for a long time, used them as cases for print portfolios, in sculptures and installations and for small paintings.  I have a personal connection to cigar boxes and enjoy working with them.  My mom worked at a tobacco farm when she was a kid in Cuba, my grandfather smoked cigars, sometimes he let me cut the cigar for him and would occasionally let me try a smoke just to see what it was like.  Being 6 or 7 at the time I'd wince and give the cigar back to him right away and he'd get a big laugh out of it.  One of the things I enjoy about working with cigar boxes is opening them up, catching a whiff of the tobacco scent, and having old memories come back.  At left is a photo of my grandfather, Fernando Rodríguez, I call him Papá.  He passed away about 10 years ago.
"Padron", acrylic on cedar
"Padron" detail

"Robusto", acrylic on cedar
"Prime Minister", acrylic on cedar

"20 Torpedos", acrylic on cedar
"20 torpedos" detail

"Reserva Negra", acrylic on wood

"Reserva Negra" detail

"Fuente", acrylic on wood

"Fuente", detail
"Hecho a Mano", acrylic on wood

"1971", acrylic on wood

"Avo", acrylic on wood

"Forest of Kings", acrylic and paper on cedar with wood

Paintings installed at 4th Wall Gallery

Please contact Scott Kaserman at 4th Wall Gallery with any inquiries about the availability of these paintings:   214-740-9400
"15", pencil on chipboard, acrylic, cotton
Coffee drawings

Back in January I was working on some ink drawings for a couple of shows I had coming up.  The ink wasn't quite working for me.  I was drinking some espresso at the time so I decided to try doing some drawings with the coffee.  I liked how the coffee behaved on the paper and enjoyed seeing the results, so I did a series of coffee drawings and have continue to do more.   The drawings below are now showing at 4th Wall Gallery in Dallas.  One of them was picked up by Jason Treat at The Atlantic magazine and is published in this month's issue of the magazine in the Gallery section.
Some of the drawings are still available, please contact Scott Kaserman at 4th Wall Gallery with any inquiries:   214-740-9400

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