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MAY 8, 2024
Thanks to the Graphis Journal #380 for this feature in the upcoming June issue. And my special thanks to Mirko Illic, Christoph Niemann, Cristina Taverna and Derek Nelson for their kind and generous comments in the piece, to Ted Forbes for his Introduction, to Heera Kim who edited it and conducted the Q & A, and to the entire Graphis staff for doing such a beautifully-designed and thoughtful job. And my particular thanks to Martin Pedersen, the publisher of Graphis. The text is also online at the Graphis Journal blog.
Enter the creative mind of Brad Holland, a master illustrator whose unconventional path led him to revolutionize the art world in this Journal Q&A. From his bold decision not to pursue college before it was a trend to his influential philosophy that redefined illustration, Brad's journey is to follow one's passion, no matter the odds. His groundbreaking work with Playboy Enterprises, Inc. and The New York Times showcased his unique vision and cemented his legacy as a pioneer of conceptual illustration. Discover the story of a visionary artist who dared to dream differently and changed the illustration landscape.

Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781954632264

Print version available in June 2024
Digital version available in Feb. 2024

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