Chris Buzelli
Domesticated Foxes, Drooling Pugs and Mike
NPR Fox/18"x24"/oil on panel

I'm an avid NPR listener and was really happy to get a call from them to participate in their 2012 calendar. Every year they choose 12 artists to illustrate each month. My piece was based on one of my favorite RadioLab episodes called "New Nice" which was about a Russian geneticist who domesticated the fox. After several generations of selective breeding, he was successful in creating a gentler, human-friendly pet fox. I was really proud to work on this piece for an organization that I get so much inspiration from. The 2012 calendar is available for purchase from NPR.

Katie Burk, the designer for the NPR calendar, came up for the American Illustration Show and gave us a signed Carl Kasell (Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me) pillow. If you listen to NPR, you know the voice of Carl Kasell. What a neat gift. Thank you Katie!
Pug Drool/18"x24"/oil on paper

It's no secret I'm a dog person. And I've always been a fan of Bark magazine. This Pug painting was for an article called "Drawn to Dogs". It was a about a professional cat-sitter and self proclaimed cat-lover who fell in love with a pug while dog-walking him in NYC.
Mike/14"x20"/oil on paper

And this piece was for Reader's Digest Asia. It was a true story about a man named Mike who was kidnapped and buried alive for 5 days. Ants were biting his hands and eyelids while he was buried in small box in the ground. He lost 23 pounds but was eventually rescued by a inquisitive cop.

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