Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai

Food enthusiast, messy eater and ugly sweater collector. Victo Ngai is a NY based illustrator from Hong Kong, graduated from RISD. "Victo" is not a typo or a boy, but a nickname derived from  "Victoria" - a leftover from British colonization. 


Victo didn't have many friends as a kid because her family moved around a lot. She she started creating fantastical world and imaginary friends on paper. One day she was thrilled to realize people would pay her for her drawings.


Her clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Leo Burnett, McDonald's, WIRED, Plansponosre, International Herald Tribune,The progressive, Tor books and many more. Her work has been in shows in NY, LA, London, Germany, Australia, China and can be purchased from galleries/stores including the Victoria and Albert Museum Store.


Victo was honored with numerous recognitions from the New York Times, American Illustration, Communication Arts, Spectrum, 3X3, CMYK, Society of Illustrators New York, LA, and Hong Kong. In 2012, she was awarded 2 Gold medals from the Society of Illustrator NY, 1 Gold medal from the 3x3 Annual Illustration Pro Show and 2 Silver medals from the Greater China Illustration Award.

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