Deep Thinkers

JULY 18, 2013

Cover for the latest ComputerWorld. The story titled “Deep Thinkers" is about businesses reaping huge rewards by going deep with their data analysis.

AD April always welcomes my weird and less conventional ideas/metaphors, which makes it super fun for me. 

Most of the details in my final are improvisional, so usually my sketches are pretty sketchy. I hope I haven't given any poor AD an heartattack yet. I am really grateful to the ADs who have the mystical ability to read my chicken scratches. SooJIn is one of them, April is another. 
It’s not a secret that I like to pack my illustrations with details. I want my audiences to get lost in the world and discover new things every time they re-visit the piece but this can make it challenging for designers to work type into my art.  However, April always does a fab job. This time, she surprised me by convincing the editors to drop some of the text on the cover to give more breath room. I really appreciate how much ComputerWorld values their art and design! 
Interior spread. Love how heavy and sinking the bold type "DEEP" feels.
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