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Columbia Blue September 29 Spent the better part of this September travelling. Just got back into my studio. I looked online to see if an... Progressing Back March 24 This month's April cover is about the struggles of unionized workers. It's interesting that at the beginning... Less Than Half February 22 Spots, icons, ding bats, secondaries, less than half a page or smaller, while working on smaller assignments... Breaks February 16 A subject I dealt with before leaving for a winter break from work, was somewhat timely. The subject of violence in... Dog December 3 Dog is a noun, and can be a descriptor. Recently I did an illustration of a dog. It's a subject I've dealt... Hands Up September 15 Over the last few years the symbolism of a hand has stood in for that of a figure in my work. In quite a few of my... Prius & Porsche August 23 Couple of recent assignments were car related. First one was a cover for an international edition of Newsweek. The... Piercing August 2 Illustration for Research News 2010 summer issue. The idea for this illustration was to simply indicate the piercing... Muscle & Shadow July 21 Couple strong guys for recent assignments. A full page image about labor costs for Convene magazine. The next one is... World Cup June 8 Well it's been awhile since I've done a TIME cover. D.W. Pine emailed asking if I was available over the... Cargo June 1 Roy Comiskey coined a great description about the last assignment we did. It's in the June issue of Security... Slow Ride April 12 This month's Cycle Canada has an article that rings so true for me. Yes, it's my illustration that... Working March 31 Tomorrow's April 1st, well although another month away is May 1st. One of recent assignments was on the history... Sedan March 5 As a follow-up to a previous assignment from Motor Trend magazine, about an evolutionary process, I was asked to do... BizWeek After Bloomberg? January 2 In December I worked with Don Besom at BusinessWeek . It was interesting talking with Don, now that the magazine is... Left Light December 1 An illustration I did recently for UU World magazine. The magazine is published by the Unitarian Universalist... Gasser Memory November 8 Okay yes, it's another Motor Trend, but I'm having fun. This one's about the myth of heavy footed motor... Work & Bernie October 8 I've been kinda crazy busy the last while. Most of the work I've done has not printed yet. Here's some... Train Spotting September 9 Recently I worked with Joseph Heroun at The New Republic magazine. We worked on the cover art. We've worked... Shocking August 4 Another automotive Technologue Illustration from Motor Trend. There are many engineers trying to harness energy from... Punks July 9 Last July 4th weekend I did a cover for LA Weekly. Subject is, "how two veterans of the L.A. punk scene wound... Sub Bust Security June 29 Recently finished assignment with the art director, Roy Comiskey, at Security Management magazine. Working with Roy... Running Around June 11 It was a smaller illustration, not a full page, but it kept me redoing sketches. An illustration for Runners World,... Grinding Gears May 12 I'm still grinding gears with Andy Foster at Motor Trend magazine, and lovin' it. The Technologue column is... After the Flood March 24 Recent illustration for the National Labor Federation. Subject is the disaster in disaster relief. Katrina, and other... Pastime February 9 Aviva Michaelov phoned with an assignment for the week in review section of the New York Times. The art was for the... Nuclear Pies October 1 Just hitting the newsstand in Alberta, Canada is the most recent issue of Alberta Views Magazine. Alberta, for those... Something in Summer August 14 Summer is not long enough here in the north. On the newsstands now the September issue of Mens Health, I've an... Diesel Evo July 1 Andy Foster is the art director at Motor Trend magazine. I've worked with Andy on a number of assignments.  Most... Iraq + Film June 25 I've been doing a mix of assignments lately. Some editorial, and some advertising. With the current economic picture... Texas Monthly small run January 10 Something to get the ball rolling. A little while back I was doing a regular page for the Texas Monthly magazine. It...
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