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Sill Listening
Remember to Stop, Look and Always Listen They say that over time one finds his or her own spiritual calling or voice, but one must be very quite in order to hear that calling. The voices are coming in now very loud now and quite clear the static of this mad life is being filtered out. I just needed to add two more very rare early sixties Bell Lab transistors to the head set in order to keep the almost now steady hiss of madness out. So nice to tune into ones own voice, and let it guide you to where you should be. Remember always to stop look and to listen and you will be amazed at what you will discover.
“The Titan Electrical Gun Project” {The General Electric Company US August 12 1944} Developed by General Electric for the US war effort a hand held lightweight rechargeable eclectic handgun. Deemed to powerful and hard to control due to uncontroble bursts of electric and sketchy targeting by then president Truman. He canceled the project as he felt this collection of electric weapons were simply too powerful and inhumane. Recently the eclectic gun project has been reopened by now president Donald Trump is his effort to make America safer, and broaden the size to the US military. He has just stated publicly that he wants to have the finest equipment in the world. He wants the largest military buildup in American history to makeup for years of wars and depletion. He has secretly re funded the “Electrical Gun Project “and it is now up and running in new Mexio.He has stated privately that who would think to search there given my public statements concerning Mexico. Little else is known at this point the project is being conducted in Los Alamos New Mexico under heighten security. The fear that Russian Government might crack, breach, or Internet tap the information is very high. So the laboratory is on twenty-four hour around the clock crackdown and now outsiders are allowed with in a fifty-mile radius of the compound.
The word comes into the shop through the myriad of old copper cable lines and two very old sixties small speaker box’s wired into the celling Today you must start to build an all-metal 1934 French Tractor! from this odd selection of this and that odd and discarded metal parts with no two pieces a match. No instructions and not a clue as where to begin or how to proceed. Starting with just a warm cup of fine coffee and pure silence it’s amazing just how much can be heard in silence. As words thoughts and ideas begin to bubble and percolate inside the minds eye. The silence is essential to hear the thoughts they are usually just above a whisper, put with time this can become almost a steady stream of consciousness. And very quietly parts begin to take shape and what a simple joy to undertake and simply to create!
This print is called “Morning Warm Up” The sculpture is all Metal construction measuring a foot and a half wide and stands eight inches high.
The Edison “Hand Held Sparker” Model # 2 1924 Originally designed by Thomas Edison to be sold to the United States correction phyclaities, as a hand held non-leathal device to keep the inmates in line. Edson had declared that he would never again design anything that there was not already a market for. His design was very innovative in concept for its time and it pre dated the modern day Taser employed by many police stations across America today. The only problem was that it did not work it sent the indented target in to shock and was responsible for starting many fires, so development was halted and it was never brought out of his West Orange New Jersey labs and presented to the world at large. Stay tuned for the whole amazing story in our upcoming Art Film called “The Legend of The Electric Gun Part 2” {Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and The Mad Russian Ape! {Former cosmonaut} are all plugged in and all connected, OMG! Here is the link for “The Legend of The Electric Gun” Part 1 A short bit of film that starts to unravel this strange but amazing tale.
Winters Dry Dock Waiting patiently for the cold winds of winter to subside our little workboat patiently sits by the cold waters edge for the warm waters of summer. And a chance to set sail for the adventures that the fertile waters of summer will bring, and who knows what adventures they will be. {All metal construction measures two foot high by a foot and a half high}
1964 The Russian Space Rifle (The Votltski} was an on board deterrent and a very early concept space weapon during the early sixties space flights. It marked the first use of transistors on an electric gun; this weapon was carried onboard all the early Russian space flights in the orbiting of the earth. The Russians had kerosene in their rocket engine tanks and transistors in their electric space guns; yes the space race had begun! {The Russian cosmonauts nicknamed this gun “The Little Walking Man”} {An all-metal sculpture measuring two and a half foot wide by a foot and a half high}
Louis Charles Joseph Blériot (July 1872 August 1936) was a French aviator, inventor, and engineer. He developed the first practical headlamp for trucks and established a profitable business manufacturing them, using much of the money he made to finance his attempts to build a successful aircraft. In 1909 he became world-famous for making the first flight across the English Channel in a heavier than air aircraft Winning the prize of £1,000 Offered by the Daily Mail newspaper. Blériot was also the first to make a working, powered, piloted monoplane And the founder of a successful aircraft manufacturing company. {This piece measures a foot and a half across and is a foot high Composed of both various metals and wood}
Streaming and Steaming!
Winter Fishing Gears instead of fins and just a little shape shifting to create a bit of some frozen fantasy ice fish. Fun on the frozen beach and the shop remains on full burner as winter slowly comes to an end.
Winter Fishing The studio remains on full steam as the winter’s cold slowly begins pass. Many ideas are flowing in an almost steady stream of consciousness now and we do not wish to miss a single one of them. Ideas are to be captured and nurtured and then brought to life such a joy.
Shown here is a highly efficient lightweight eclectic ray gun and innovative new design. Designed to deliver a very high voltage of electric power in a single burst. All new and innovative circuit boards make this now possible; Based on a Russian design and incorporating the work of Louis Voltaire this is a pioneering piece of high-end circuitry.
In honor of one of our "True American Heroes "we are celebrating the life and work of Peter Cooper right here at the Steam Powered Art Factory. So for this month at least we are digitally opening our doors to show you folks just what has been going on inside our shop over past several months.
“Le Balloon De Fantastical” or as the king often referred to as “Le Pure Fantasy De Flight” regarding this rather eclectic collection of sculpted art fantasy flying machines. This is another piece in a series as well that King George The III had adored in his much beloved “ “The Da Vinci Mechanical Flight Series”
Currently trying to organize the art in ‘The Steam Powered Art Factory” .The task is somwhat overwhelming, boxes, creates, barrels, the art everywhere art, prints, and sculptures every where, an almost daunting task for sure. So in the process I asked “Angus The Mad Ape” to lend a hand. I put Angus in charge of the studios sales and marketing for one week. Not a very good idea not only did he scare people away but he sold a recent piece for just three cents. He cannot help it he try’s to be good, will have to find some other jobs for him to do around the studio. Bad Monkey!!!! He will get better.
Beached Ratain Bay Moss Bunker Trawler 1964 {I have many very fond memoires of watching them with their nets out slowly traveling along the New Jersey coast in the morning summer sunlight. The view was from the captain’s seat in my small put powerful little twelve foot all homemade aluminum speedboat} Menhaden or Mossbunker is very oily fish. Their bodies were separated into oil and fish parts, the bulk of which were used as fertilizer. The name menhaden is said to derive in part from the Atlantic Coast Native American name for fertilizer, “munnauhateaug”. The local Indians taught the early settlers how to use the fish to fertilize corn and other crop plants. The coastal fishermen followed the bunker schools up and down the coast — as did the whales, dolphins, bluefish, striped bass, and sharks — and captured them in large purse seines worked by several boats at a time. It was kind of like haulseining with nets a quarter of a mile long. The fishermen worked together to make hauls and divided up the spoils democratically. This sculpture measures thirty-six inches wide by eighteen-inched high and it is composed of wood, iron, and steel.
The King George III Fish Flyer George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738 January 1820) was King of Great Britain and Ireland (Alexander Hamilton the subject of a hit American play, Was one of the politicians the King did business with and he often referred to Alexander as a boisterous up start. And as an ex-patriot Englishman, the king considered them to be a backcountry Wildman} George grew into a healthy but reserved and shy child. The family moved to Leicester Square, where George and his younger brother Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany, were educated together by private tutors. Family letters show that he could read and write in both English and German, as well as comment on political events of the time, by the age of eight. He was the first British monarch to study science systematically. Apart from chemistry and physics, his lessons included astronomy, mathematics, French, Latin, history, music, geography, commerce, agriculture, and constitutional law, along with sporting and social accomplishments such as dancing, fencing, and riding. George also loved very much hanging out with musicians, craft’s people, and artists. In fact this piece was made in his honor and presented to him on his birthday by one of the local artists. George was also a great believer in manned flight and he was intensely interested in the hot air balloons that the French were developing and being tested. George’s personal favorite was the Leeds artisan was Sir James Spollen the third, knighted for his contributions to the king’s personal armory and art collection. Sir James was both an artist as well as an artisan he was a metal smith known through out the kingdom for his innovative and experiential guns.
Winter Work 2017
Winter Work The neighbors are beginning to complain about the thick and voluminous white smoke that is spewing out of our side chimney at the factory. They also have reported strange noises and odd lights coming from the shops side windows in the wee hours of the morning. My only reply has been that I am simply doing what the voices tell me to do nothing more.
1857 the First Trans Atlantic Cable The telegraph was first developed by Samuel F. B. Morse, an artist-turned-inventor who conceived of the idea of the electric telegraph in 1832. President James Buchanan and Queen Victoria exchanged formal introductory On August 16 and complimentary messages. Unfortunately, the cable proved weak and the current insufficient and by the beginning of September had ceased functioning.
Caught this one off Midland Beach on the full moon high tide. {What a fight} I find it rather good on these winter mornings to simply walk along the cold and quiet beach to relax and get way from the shop. Working with metal and dealing with Da Vinci is rather intense. So the quite walks along the oceans edge are excellent ways to relax and simply ponder. But much to my surprise now even the driftwood is beginning to talk to me, and this fish said make me! Make me! What can I do the voices always lead the way.
The Mechanized Fish Wood and steel a rather hard catch Caught stranded on the frozen beaches edge
The Da Vinci Flyer # 8 “The Follett Flyer” 1476 This is outside the Da Vinci workshop in Florence Italy taken during his very intense period of investigation of mechanical flight. Da Vinci was very much engaged in the physical construction of quarter scaled actual mechanical flying concept designs. He would often hang them outside his shop so as to harden and dry in the warm afternoon sun .He was experimenting with various glues and resin fasteners looking for both lightness and strength. The town’s folk were very much enamored with these strange creations but they were not sure if they were art or science or possibly demonic. Some simply thought that Da Vinci was loosening his mind when in fact he was expanding it almost daily.
Detroit Steel It all began when this paten was submitted October 7 1919; the world's first mass-produced tractor the Fordson, production begins in Dearborn Michigan. The first genuine Ford tractor, called the Fordson tractor (because a misleading Ford brand not related to Henry Ford was squatting on the Ford name at the time), was a tremendous success in North America and Europe from 1917 to 1928. Ford of the U.S. left the tractor business in 1928. Ford Ltd of Britain continued to thrive with the Fordson from 1928 onward. Some British Fordsons were imported to the U.S. during the following decade.
Marie Antoinette] French: born Maria Antonia November 1755 – 16 October 1793), was the last Queen of France This Flying machine is said to have been one of Marias most favored pieces “Le Flotilla de La Dreams”. She loved both stories of adventure as well as stories of the far and distant seas. This sculpture for her seemed to encapsulate the best of both those worlds. The gondola of the balloon reminded her of all the great great sailing ships of her time. She was very much enamored with the entire series of “Flights of Fantasy” sculptures by the then local artist and sculptor Sir Christopher Le Spollen the first of Le Rouge Paris.
The home of Leonardo da Vinci 1516 – 1519 France In the autumn of 1516, Leonardo da Vinci arrived at the Château du Clos Lucé, his only known residence. Aged 64, he undertook his final journey, coming from Italy to settle in France. From Rome, he brought the entirety of his notebooks and sketches. The French King simply adored Da Vinci and his work This is a Chris Spollen enterpatation sculpture of an inspired Da Vinci Flying Machine concept piece. From Mr. Spollen’s new series “Flights of Fantasy”
Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian-American, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system This was a fully adjustable static eclectic handgun prototype 1936 A prototype for the us army that never went into production
Beach Imaginations Drawing upon a not to distant past to create and make sculptures of new and strange images .A time of fun and wonder that is simply to hard to forget, as well as visually to rich not to remember. The beache a place of endless wonder and shear joy and adventure. All the videos are here:
French Balloons
New pieces form the always-in progress “Fantastical Balloon Series”. The Steam Powered Art Factory is very much alive with winter work. The hissing of steam pipes and the sound of boilers roaring with fresh coal production in the winter months is always on a major high.
Originally crafted for King Louie of France (The Sun King) 1834 1836. These were often referred to as the “Fantastical Series of Decorative Balloons” hand crafted by local artisan’s and metal smiths and made specifically for the king who himself was a passionate lover of all things flight. They were carefully placed throughout the castle and were much beloved by the ruling class as well as the local towns people. This entire set has recently been discovered in a dusty large wooden create deep within "The Steam Powered Art Factory" vaults, Staten Island New York simply amazing.
“The Excelsior Grand” 1836 France, and all metal steel framed balloon gas filled and steam powered flying machine. {This was often considered the heavy metal in its day.}
Special thanks to the now famous “Hell Cat” for spreading the word of my current “Decorative Balloon Series” an all metallic and wood sculpture series. She is Forever hanging up posters all about our small island and in places that I could never get to or fit into. Unfortunally I rarely see her for she tends to keep wee hours and works late into the night.
This is said to to have been two of the Kings two favorite pieces “The Leopold Flier” 1836 on left And “The Palantant Balloon” on the right
Hand crafted by French artisans and metal smiths then put on display by the King himself. Each piece was a rather ecletic representation of a somewhat fantasized and very decorative form of a flying machine. The more decorative the more beloved the pieces became, amazing {1834 1836.}
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