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MARCH 10, 2012
A daring but foolish move a single seat young fighter goes up against a multi port royal steam zeppelin gunship
A single seat fighter looking for a kill scouting the horizon for gun ships high steaks dangerous prey for sure.
Working from my own sculptures making art from hand made models in my small but efficient shop, kind of looks like an early movie set
Bound for glory another foolish pilot makes a daring but futile attempt to down a royal steam zeppelin gun ship, a literal floating fortress.
Thanks to the students of Syracuse University who were at the Warehouse Auditorium for their warm response and a very nice poster created for the lecture of my recent work was it was fun.
The King Albert British Steam Zeppelin Manufactured in Bristol England 1896 and shipped to Afghanistan by a royal British naval steamer she was re-assembled in British held Afghanistan. The King Albert was a wood burner; known for her presidios amounts of black smoke pouring out from her twin boilers that were re -fitted to burn locally found wood. Coal was too hard to procure while on long drift flights in this still unknown territory while conducting mapping surveys. Locals referred to this strange machine as the great black dragon due to her low altitude flights and enormous amounts of thick black viscous smoke from her massive iron smoke stacks. Little else is known about the King Albert Steam Zeppelin or for that matter her various crews.
The next limited edition poster “Heavier Than Air” is set up for the press next month.
The order comes down from above “make this” my sketches are the key to the making of anything, if you can visualize you can create it whether in ink paint or recycled materials.
The art starts with no instructions just listen in the quite and the pieces will start taking as where they should go. This is the most satasfying part of the process, and for me it’s the reason I keep coming back to the shop.
On wind swept moon lit nights the captain himself was known to smoke his evenings pipe while sitting on the main deck. A tramp steamer out of Liverpool, “The Betty “a coal burner capable of fourteen nautical knots. She was very sea worthy and fondly referred to as “Betty’s Boiler.”