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Getting Outside

JUNE 4, 2012
Have had the pleasure recently of getting outside the studio and the opportunity to visit The Outsider Art Gallery's "Toy Show".
I meet along with fellow dragger Joe Ciardielo several other artists as well as some interesting guest’s. The fellow to the right is gallery owner and art director designer Deon
The Blimp was gone sold on second day of show
“A Rare Bird” The French Quad Number Seven Flyer 1912 The French Quad Wing flyer is an intriguing example of early but rare French Aviation .
Sketches and doodles are mandatory and a constant flow when the ideas hit
The good stuff a small sampling of materials key to the making
A rare and recent find on the Staten Island shoreline and a throw back to the islands rich manufacturing past the Halminton Robot Factory. Located on the islands mysterious north shore a remnant of the mom and pop small manufactures located in the islands light manufacturing zoned area. The Halminton Factory was leader in the manufacturer of small and rather eccentric robots. The factory closed in late nineteen sixty-eight, laying of eight crafts people an four of the Halminton family members and little is known as to what became of the Halmintons and their extended family.
We are currently running on full steam these days
The “James Fulton Two” measured 12 tons, and was constructed by Crocker and Fickett, at Corlears Hook, in New York 1897. Affectingly referred to as “Old Rusty “, this is a rare example of a New York based working harbor boat propelled by a side wheel or (paddle wheel). The keel to this steam-powered working machine was laid in 1897, and this boat is a good example of coal fired steam powered propulsion; this marked a huge departure from the limitations of sail. And the worked demanded in New York’s ever-growing early harbor days
June 21 2012 we will be doing a little show and tell