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Art on The Go

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
Its been an amazing journey and it seems too be picking up speed and direction of its own these days, with galleries shows and museums moving into view. Robot # 42 has just come back from a two month tour at the “Monmouth Museum” “The Neo Outsider Show” curated by Dion Hitchings, Robot # forty two was well liked. He is now back on duty in front of my shop with glowing hands and head thanks to the aide of three solar lights.
Folks seem to like Robots
Been working on a new series of sculptures free standing rather larger sculptures “British Quierios 1908 -1928” This is Mandrakes Now famous" Death Ray"
Teamed up with a small publisher Avi Gvili and we have full color children books almost finished due out this fall. “The Art of Recycling”, the sculptures of Chris Spollen all color to be published by Boulevard Books This is a proof page from the interior of the book
Robots are a very good promo they and seem to get a lot of attention where they go. This is “Mr. –Ro -Box The Re-Cycler” he is created from all plastic throw away matrials that were in this case not thrown away. PS he as a result of being construed out of all plastic is easy to carry, Robot # 42 is a beast to move around.
And things have come full circle with a solo show at the new High School of Art and Design They have given me the new “Kenny Gallery” for the month of September to feature works form the up coming book and new sculptures as well. Nice to pay back asI was a student there some forty-three years ago.