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Larger Forms

NOVEMBER 6, 2015
The Iron Phantom Gun Boat 1884 The Iron Phantom Gun Boat of the North Sea 1884, Sailors referred to her as “The Demon of the Sea” A rough gun ship was spotted off the straights of Panama. It has been reported to have attacked and sunk two French ships and one Spanish warship. Her identity is unknown as she fly’s no flag of homeport. Sailors describe her as a sea beast an iron serpent few who have spotted her have lived to tell of the story. A recent report has surfaced that the frame of this vessel has been spotted in the title pool near the Old Bayonne Iron works Bayonne New Jersey. On closer investagation a series of iron ribs have been documented semi summered in the murky bay’s bottom. Questions have risen as to the date of this wreck but many think that this could be quite possibly be the abandoned wreck of the infamous “Iron Phantom”. “The Infamous Iron Phantom” framed and hung aboard a confederate gunboat boiler room she was known to all who sailed the seven seas a true legend in her time.
Russian Space Gun 1962 “The Krosky Kranker” Considered by many collectors as very valuable for its overall detail and somewhat art deco flair, this is a very fine example of a rare Russian artifact from the early sixties cold war. A part of the Russian space program for possible use as onboard defense primary in orbiting space stations and or orbiting space capsules.
Four Foot five Robot Professor Bartholomew P.Perry retired from Cambridge Science University Dept. of Science. His specialty was quantum physics and robotics. Professor Perry was heavily involved with old metal robotics, rob-tons, and modern circuit boards. A somewhat reclusive gentleman he very much kept to himself. He always seemed to be jotting down notes as if his mind was in a consent state of preoccupation. Most considered him a bit of a daydreamer, a sort of an odd man out.
The Old Salty Sea Bird Down to the Sea the Lonely Sea Moving from forms dictated by objects found and starting to make my own forms. Combining cans for volume and sheets of hand cut aluminum with a recently discover new extra strong epoxy. The process takes a bit longer but the results are much more exciting and the images seem to be getting a little bit larger
Steel Fish Dawn arrives on a cool and still autumn morning as my “Steel Fish” quietly sits on the shoreline of the small but pleasant island where I currently live. An all steel and aluminum sculpture 4.25’ wide x 4’ tall An all-metal sculpture that is some what based on a Staten Island sand shark. Its one thing to work in the studio where I can step back just about a chair length or so, but its quite another thing when your creation takes its place in an environment and you see it as part of the living vista. This is the beginning of a new totally new journey for me and a new process, much to learn and I am still learning.
Steel Rocetship As the morning mist slowly fades into dawn of the new day on my small but friendly little island our rocket ship sits by the morning tide awaiting its chance to soar far into the heavens above. All is very quite on this tranquil little beach only the occasional gulls’ call can be heard from above as they effortlessly glide over damp and salty mornings air. The Rocetship sits quite patiently ready as the fuel has been loaded, the destination has been set for as far out as the imagination can possibly take us. Blast off is clocked in for post-dawn when the air is very still and the vista is all quite as the heavens are clear and they open up to the dawn of yet another adventure