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Heavy Heads

JUNE 20, 2016
The “Heavy Heads Series” Recent Sculptures by Chris Spollen
Eight Semi Robotic Alien Spaces Heads depicting, Gods, Over Seaers, and Strange Deities loosely based on the on the Politian’s, Priests and Leaders of our current world
The word is getting outside of the factory, the new sculpture’s are near completion
“Re-Breather Level Ten”. From Galaxy as of yet unknown, found at the crash site of an ancient flying saucer. A level ten re-breather capable of breathing in ten atmospheric pressure levels and still able to function, think process information, and preform duties.
“The Joyful Head”, a sythinzer of sound capable of music in over one hundred languages, a sort of onboard entertainment center. This head reveals a roundness of full sound and a provider of well being for the crews on long journeys that all have come to enjoy.
#4 The Communicator” the translator of information and dissemination of that information. A sort of onboard computer for updates as to time, location and, climate. He chatters out reports and logistics at a very high rate of speed very loud and repeats information on over and over. Eventually the listener perceives the information as truth in that it has been stated so many times.
And the word has gone out as a proclamation that the “Heavy Head Series” is now completed”. Hand pressed parchment prints of been pasted glued and posted all over the kingdom. Acknowledging the names of each and working description of each Head .The final information as of yet about an actual show and actual sculptures has yet to be announced. The townsfolk are patiently waiting await a response as the when and where this fine art will nailed up and be displayed.
“The High Priest” ruler of the heavens a spiritual a speaker of truths both known and unknown the purveyor of divine wisdom he is the no all and be all of cosmic and divine wisdom. The processor of massive amounts of pure electric energy given power to him by contributions daily from his massive amounts of followers who worship his every sermon. A techno evangelist who appreciates your every contribution from you his devoted followers. A glowing beacon of hopes his massage pulsating to you though your very own monitor.
“Lord Governor”, A sort of cosmic lawyer, a keeper of the laws a processor of the written and unwritten rules, a high symbol to worship and above all to obey. A symbol of what is right and a guide a ruler an example of the path to righteousness. He is beyond corruption he is a true leader he bends to none and protects the innocent and purges the rich and the corrupt
“The Inspector”, an all attention to details head with the eyes of the spaceship in terms of the devil being in the details. A watchful overseer to all hands onboard the ship. A purveyor of the midshipmen wisdom in that no detail goes unnoticed or unseen. The Inspector leaves no stone unturned in his all present watchful gaze, and recording of the crews performance.
“Intel Bot”, A communications and navigations system’s analyst a steady as she goes gyro, a bot who can operate in four dimensions and still keep the ship on an even keel. The intelgance of command updates, coordinates, dispatches, and weather all with in a stray flow on endless information.
“Alien Space Travler”, an aerobatic presence in the form of a now ancient past, and origins still unknown. A multi galaxy traveler with patterns and markings form a life form that is still cryptic to us. This head is now visible for us to explore and investigate ,its past, present and future the mystery is still to be resolved