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25 Monsters Set loose in Boston

MAY 25, 2009
A free weekend all you have to do is make sure the students do not get in trouble and you be responsible for all the little monsters. I am the only teracher at FIT that seems to be up for such a trip each year. I kind of get along with the students they are pure energy and fun to be with. Did I mention that this is the hotel that the Craig list murder occurred recently.
Well students do no sleep they have boundless energy and run around the hotel and convention hall all thought the night. All quiet when I wake at 5 am coffee in hand and my faithful Nikon D-80 the journey begins as I begin to explore Boston’s back alleys and doorways very cool.

Capturing the city while it sleeps

Really liked this sculpture

This is Copley and he was of all things a portrait painter very popular in Boston,Boston
seems to love its art, and it  has art all about the town

Loved his one ,the wearer generally makes the costume he or she wears

This little one was adorable this was just one of her costumes, many at the convention arrived with multiple outfits, Their were over eleven thousand in attendance at this event.

Not knowing anything about Anime I just kind of felt like this was a little bit of dipping into the work Dr Zeus

I believe this is the Lolita style

Another beauty kind of a Mother Nature thing great stuff

  My guide, for two and half hours she narrated every costume as it walked past and the story it was from. Not that I need to know but she was very sweet, and felt that she had made a new friend.  I felt that she had given me insight into another generation it was all very sweet

Anime is the current plague of all the drawing teachers because it is drawing from cartoons rather than life . However in this case the students actually became entrepreneurial and made some money over the three-day event. This is a small nitch that they could fill drawing convention attendees as the anime personality they viewed them selves as, nice to see

Loved this public sculpture it was massive and appeared to be made from actual locomotive engine parts sweet.