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The 1st Cy Twombly Drawing in my Transformation Series

NOVEMBER 30, 2018
Full view on my Cy Twombly Transfer Drawing
I should clarify my somewhat confusing titling for my Cy Twombly Transformation Series. I've created two heat transfer drawings based on Cy Twombly works with the title, Cy Twombly Plus Drawings, because I first tranfer partial imagery of a Twombly work and then tranfer imagery from other imagery, like masks and mask parts. This latest Cy Twombly transfer piece has no other imagery added but my own. I made the transfer of the Twombly parts I wanted and then added my characters in soft graphite pencil before laying in watercolor washes and color pencil. Therefore, this is the 1st pure CyWood drawing. See how unconfusing this is?
One more clarification: I wrote: "This latest Cy Twombly transfer piece has no other imagery added but my own." The characters I drew into the Twombly smears are mine, but some in this drawing (like the Bill Traylor influenced dog at the top of the drawing) are very much influenced by images by other artists I've absorbed over the years. Just as my main characters throughout my most of my career have been informed by the Sunday comics in the Detroit Free Press, that amazing colorful, beautifully drawn artwork that I so intensely studied when I was a kid in the 1940s.
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