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For one and all
Looking Forward to 2020 November 9 Sometimes a deadline just sneaks up on you. This one was for last Thursday but, by Tuesday I was still waiting for... Letter as Image/Image as Letter September 13 A while back, I was surprised and honored to be part of an exhibition called Letter as Image/Image as Letter, which... Coffee, Tea or Chablis? September 7 Ah, the perils of First Class air travel these days. If it isn't enough of a trial to have to watch the grim... My first tattoo! July 8 I always feel a little naked when I go to Williamsburg (or almost anywhere else these days) since tattoos have... It's not easy being green April 23 I celebrated Earth Day number 40 with a magazine cover assignment featuring a story on economics and the... My lucky number April 14 Being allowed to draw pictures all day and not get into trouble is something I wouldn't have even dared to... Giving designers better illustration skills April 2 Just found this brief email exchange from Last July while I was teaching in the Hartford Art School's MFA... The Lite shines again March 29 After moving to New York hoping to get a job as a graphic designer, no one was more surprised than I to discover I... Drawgers take the stage March 12 Three of Drawger's finest held a standing-room-only audience in rapt attention as they presented their work,... A head of our times March 10 It feels good to be among those who always give freely of their time and energies when help is needed. I can't... Just in case February 23 Talk around town is, the "adjustments" to our business fed by changes in technology and multiplied by the... Just make it look pretty February 11 I, as much as anyone, love to put on my thinking cap and solve an arcane, ethereal problem that can barely be... Wake up and smell the coffee January 5 Much of my inspiration comes from imagery and style that technology has rendered obsolete. I treasure anachronistic... From our houses to yours December 22 This has been the slowest year for business I can remember but, the support and kindness of friends & family, my... Robots, robots and (finally) robots December 17 If it's not enough that I already love drawing pictures, add to that drawing pictures of one of my favorite... Gingerbread Time. October 30 Every year about now, I begin to prepare for my gig as a helper at the Church Street School Gingerbread Workshop.... Connecticut October 21 I've enjoyed several pleasant sojourns recently courtesy of the Nutmeg state. It began when I journeyed with my... 3D or not 3D, is that the question? October 14 So you like sketches, do ya? Like many a Drawger, I have sketchbooks stuffed into every nook (a corner or recess,... Trust and Confidence September 21 It is with great pleasure and no small amount of trepidation that one receives an assignment from an art director... A case for design (or design for a case?) August 19 Here are some product designs I had the privilege of producing for Adrian Olabuenaga at Acme Studios I haven't... In the words of Stanley Hainsworth at ICON 5 August 13 "It's nice to see your illustrations have a life of their own..." (or something similar). I found these on imagekind... Don't read this, go design something! July 21 So back in March, I get an email from a writer in Switzerland, who says he'd like to interview me for a website that... Reflections on ICON 5 July 15 Attended: V.I.P. party, mingled with "celebrity illustrators," saw incredible art done in Maya by Ray Ceasar at The... Oh, now I get it. April 17 Well, it only took me 30 years but, I finally realize where I stand in (or at least, in the vicinity of) the hierarchy... Drawing Art and Politics February 6 Earlier this evening at the Museum of the City of New York we were enlightened and roundly entertained by Jules... ...and to all a good night December 25 Wishing the happiest New Year to all the good people on Drawger A cool summer breeze August 1 A little experiment with abandoned software from Adobe. It seems, with moderate effort, that you can get Adobe...
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